Building a Dune Buggy

  • Posted March 29, 2013
    Category: Books & Magazines

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Building a Dune Buggy - The Essential Manual

By James Hale

Softback • 27x20.7cm • 280 pictures

ISBN: 9781904788737


There has been a huge resurgence of interest in Dune Buggies (Beach Buggies), kit cars based on the chassis and running gear of fatally corroded VW Beetles. Here is the complete step by step practical guide to the equipment and building techniques needed to build a Buggy, as well as sound guidance on the choice of donor car and new components. With this manual in your workshop, you can build any VW-based Dune Buggy avoiding all the common pitfalls and money sapping mistakes, and ending up with a superb, roadworthy multi-purpose vehicle.